This year 2017 in Cypress, TX. we are finding an alarming number of Evaporator coil Refrigerant leaks. It is a must that these replacement coils get installed correctly. A lot of the manufactures have gone from copper to aluminum and not supplying the metering device. Also, 410A refrigerants fractionate, requiring new refrigerant. Texasstarhvacr.com


Gas leaks in Cypress Texas

During our service calls in Cypress Texas we have been finding an amazing amount of gas leaks in new homes and existing furnace change outs. We would recommend from time to time to go into your attic and check for gas leaks, which smells like rotten eggs. Have your furnace serviced at least once a year by a competent service technician.IMG_1362

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

IMG_1260Whether you are installing Mitsubishi, Fujitsu or Daikin, the most important thing with the ductless mini split air conditioners is how the copper flare to connect the unit is made. This equipment does not use solder joints. After it is connected the system needs to be pressurized with nitrogen with at least 500 psi to make sure there is no leakage. Over 90 % of the problems with these systems are due to incorrect installation. We use Daikin mini splits because of the manufacture’s warrant and the replacement part accessibility.


What is Superheat ?

Superheat is the difference between the actual temperature of the refrigerant gas as it leaves the evaporator and the boiling point temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator coil. After boiling, the refrigerant continues to warm up. The number of degrees it “warmed up” after boiling is called the superheat. Under worse case conditions (low load or ** orifice systems), the refrigerant in the evaporator boils off near the end of the evaporator coil. To make sure the liquid does not enter the compressor under the worse case condition (low load), the refrigerant manufactures of air conditioning equipment, publish charts indicating what superheat should be, at a given indoor wet bulb measurement and an outdoor air temperature. Superheat is your best indication on a fixed orifice system of the proper refrigerant charge. If everything else is working properly and the actual superheat is too high, add refrigerant. If it is too low, remove refrigerant. ** Orifice is a refrigerant metering device. Sometimes called a piston.**

What Is Sub-cooling ?

Sub-cooling is the difference between the boiling point of the refrigerant and the condenser, and the actual temperature of the refrigerant as it leaves the condenser. The degrees that the refrigerant cools down below the boiling point is the sub-cooling. Under worse case scenario (Low Load For Thermostatic Expansion Valve). The sub-cooling will continue to rise. If the sub-cooling rises too high, liquid may be backed into the compressor causing damage. On a thermostatic expansion valve system sub-cooling is the best indication of the state of charge in the refrigeration system, since these systems are designed to maintain constant superheat. Proper charging a system insures maximum efficiency and longer equipment life.

**Note** Proper airflow must be checked before superheat and sub-cooling.

When to Call A Professional Air Conditioning Technician In Houston, TX

You don’t have to call in an air conditioning technician in Houston, Texas immediately for what could just be a minor problem. You should check the air filter first if it is dirty.  If the thermostat is set to cool and the temperature in the room isn’t dropping, there could be ice build-up on the Evaporator Coil due to low air flow from the dirty air filter. It will defrost the evaporator coil faster if you turn the thermostat fan switch from auto to on. Check to make sure you have some air flow, then in one hour re-check it, you should have more air flow; if you do, let it run on fan for two more hours, then turn the thermostat back to auto and go back to cooling . However, you should still have it serviced.

Simple diagnosis

Check the fans on the outdoor AC unit and  the air handler or gas furnace and make sure the they both are operating. If one of them is not running, then call a  professional air conditioning  technician in Houston TX

Second, check the thermostat. It’s amazing how many people just turn on the air conditioner by default, meaning they haven’t touched the thermostat from the time it was installed. So the unit could be on fan or low cool mode and they think that’s normal.

When do you need repairs?

Of course, with home diagnosis and virtually no training you can only do so much. Call a repairman if:

– there are strange clacking noises from your AC when you turn in on
– strange odors every time you turn it on
– leaks on your floor
– the breaker for the AC keeps tripping
– ice build-up on your pipes
– the outdoor fan in the heat pump won’t turn on
– erratic air conditioning cycles

If you suddenly find an increase in your light bills and you brought in no additional appliances, your air conditioning unit could be the culprit. Call for a professional air conditioning technician in Houston, TX immediately. It’s also important to have regular maintenance checkups for your AC to keep it in optimum condition.

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